CRMX™ technology

CRMX™ is an acronym for Cognitive Radio MultipleXer and is the first smart wireless system to automatically and continuously adapt to its surroundings in real time. CRMX was specifically developed to meet the demand for reliable, easy to use, and cost effective wireless lighting controls.

CRMX supports DMX, RDM, DALI and the most widely used ethernet based protocols in the lighting industry.

LumenRadio launched its unique CRMX wireless technology for sale on an OEM basis in April of 2009. CRMX has since then been the only smart radio that automatically adapts to its surroundings in a smart way.

CRMX have been developed by veterans in the wireless lighting control business with years of experience of the high demands of the entertainment and architainment businesses.

CRMX was specifically developed to meet the demand for reliable, easy to use, and cost effective wireless lighting controls. For more information about CRMX availability on an OEM basis, send any inquiries to

CRMX features a number of unique features, such as:

  • Automated Cognitive Coexistence. The unique CRMX technology makes sure that your wireless transmissions never disturb, or are disturbed by, other wireless equipment. This fully automated feature offers unrivaled convenience and peace of mind during operation.
  • Fidelity. The DMX frame output is identical to the frame input. DMX frames will not be only half updated.
  • Error correction. Advanced algorithms recreate corrupt or lost radio packets.
  • Ease-of-use: Minimizes the need for expertise with all advanced functions automated
  • Compliance. Non-compliant DMX signals are corrected to meet the DMX512-A standard.
  • DMX synchronization. Precision timing mechanism guarantees synchronized frame delivery. The DMX frame will be outputted at all of the receivers synchronized. This ensures that no time differences occurs is the signals.
  • Low latency. Industry best; below 5ms even in multi-universe systems.
  • High security. Strong 128 bit encryption keeps hackers out.
  • Feedback: RDM enabled CRMX units provide feedback, can be remote configured and more
  • Flexibility: Multiple protocol support with configurable and upgradeable units

For a demonstration, please contact your local distributor or send an email to LumenRadio sales staff at

What is automated cognitive coexistence?

Wireless DMX distribution systems operate on the same license free frequencies as W-LAN (WiFi), ZigBee, Bluetooth, some wireless intercoms, etc. Interference between such systems has been a growing problem in the industry with no available solution. CRMX is the first system to continuously scan the radio spectrum and dynamically adapt its frequency hopping patterns. This eliminates interference and maximizes performance of all radio systems in the same radio frequency sphere. In short, it is a smart radio that adapts without having the user doing anything at all.

What do you mean by fidelity and error correction?

DMX fidelity and error correction ensures that DMX frames retain the exact same content and properties, including timing parameters, throughout the transmission process. This is important as many systems now employ moving lights, media servers and LEDs; devices that can severely misbehave if they receive DMX frames that in any way are fragmented or corrupt. In other words, in a system without fidelity DMX frames could arrive to a moving light with only 8 bits of a 16 bits parameter updated, the other 8 bits are old data, hence the 16 bit data field is corrupted which could lead to severe misbehavior of a fixture.
The error correction mechanism recreates lost, or corrupted, radio packets thus helping to ensure that the signal have perfect fidelity even under bad radio conditions.

What is all this fuzz about synchronization and latency?

Synchronization guarantees that the DMX frames are delivered by all receivers at exactly the same time regardless of their location and the presence of other radio systems. This is for example critical to maintain uniformity during color changes in large area LED installations controlled by multiple receivers.
Likewise the latency have huge impact on many setups. The latency is the time it takes for the signal to propagate through the system. With the low latency of only 5 milliseconds it is impossible to the human eye to detect the difference in time of a signal delivered by a cable compared to a signal delivered by a CRMX Nova system.
Some systems have long latency times, resulting in noticeable delays of the signal. Or even worse, the system might not have latency control at all, making it impossible to predict the delay of the signal.

I've heard about RDM, but what is it?

RDM, officially known as "ANSI/ESTA E1.20, Entertainment Technology - Remote Device Management over DMX512 networks" is a bi-directional extension of DMX that allows for remote setup and monitoring of RDM devices from an RDM controller. CRMX Nova RDM products can be used together with LumenRadio's RDM controller software CRMX SuperNova that allows for easy setup, management, and monitoring of even the most complex RDM enabled system directly from your computer. This gives you the possibility to save time and money.