Meet us at ISH!

We are at ISH, the world’s biggest trade show for innovative building technology, energy efficient heating and air-conditioning technology.

Our client Swegon, market leaders within energy efficient ventilation and climate systems, is exhibiting and promoting their product New WISE which is a gamechanger for indoor climate control.

New WISE is created with LumenRadio’s experience and patented wireless technology and is a unique IoT enabled climate control system which enables reduced installation costs, faster commissioning and minimizes troubleshooting.

Not only does New WISE give significant cost savings and increased flexibility when reconstructing and installing, it also reduces the carbon footprint  – Building automation with the global climate in mind.

Want to meet us at ISH? Give us a call +46703772415

Read more about New WISE in Swegons pressrelease.

IoT Company of the Year 2017?

The Swedish Mobile Institute has presented the second round of finalists for the Swedish Mobile Awards 2017 in the categories Marketing of the Year, IoT Company of the Year and Developer of the Year! And we are a finalist in the category IoT Company of the Year 2017! This category recognizes a particularly strong performance and groudbreaking results in the connected eco-system.

Mobile institute says:  “LumenRadio has taken their reliable wireless connectivity from dominance in Entertainment Lighting to IoT applications in Smart Buildings and Manufacturing”

“We are very proud of being nominated in this category and I want to thank the great team at LumenRadio that every day strive for spreading our unique solution for ultra reliable wireless connectivity to the market” says Alexander Hellström CEO at LumenRadio.

“The nominated companies have all caught our attention during 2016. We have monitored their growth and accomplishments closely and are very excited to announce them as finalists to the Swedish Mobile Awards 2017” says Magnus Rehle, Chairman of the Jury.

Christmas gift: new version of MiraOS

As a small christmas gift to our customers, we today released an updated version of MiraOS. The new version now provides even better performance and reliability in highly congested radio environments, improved support for firmware updates, and added peripheral device support.

MiraOS has since its release in the beginning of 2016 set the benchmark for reliabilty in large scale IoT and M2M networks through it’s use of our patented cognitive coexistence technology and is already deployed in large scale mission critical control systems within building automation through Swegon’s New WISE system that was lauched earlier this year and has been rolled out in networks containing several thousands of devices.

To obtain your copy of the updated version of MiraOS and the Mira SDK, please contact us at


LumenRadio at Embedded Conference Scandinavia

Are you curious on how we can utilize one of our most important natural resource, the frequency spectrum? If you missed Niclas Norléns TEDx talk about frequency coexistence he will be at Embedded Conference Scandinavia tomorrow, November 22, 15:30 and do a talk on the open stage about the  frequency spectrum and the art of coexistence. Don´t miss it.

Read more here

Embedded Conference Scandinavia, ECS, on November 22-23, is said to be the number one meetingplace on design and trends in the world of embedded systems. The two-day conference and exhibition has grown steadily each year since its start in 2006 and has developed into a leading international event offering a world-class conference, a compact exhibition with the leading companies and the latest technology.  Attending ECS and all the conference sessions is free of charge.


LumenRadio choose Inission as a supplier

LumenRadios revolutionary wireless climate control system for the HVAC industy will be produced and supplied by the Swedish company Inission. Inission is a comprehensive supplier of customized manufacturing and logistics services in advanced industrial electronics and they have several subsidaries and plants in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

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TEDx Göteborg

Have you ever been to a big concert, tempted to post a picture online or perhaps call a friend, only to end up experiencing the lack of connectivity on your cell phone? Communication between wireless electronics is dependent on frequencies – a finite natural resource – and thus something we cannot take for granted. Our co-founder Niclas Norlén is a restless and energetic person who describes himself as a frequency nerd dedicated to making things work. In an era where an increasingly large amount of home electronics and physical devices are becoming wireless, a.k.a. ”The Internet of things” within the tech world, Niclas is eager to improve our society by using frequencies in a more efficient manner. In addition, there are both economical and environmental incentives in this: creating a world where resources can be utilized more effectively by enabling better communication between devices – and thereby reducing energy consumption.

Upon completing his engineering degree, Niclas began working at Ericsson and in 2002 he started his first company. Frequencies and communication are what he knows best and have been a recurring theme in his work. In 2008, he started LumenRadio and developed a method for enabling different electronic devices to coexist smoothly, using frequencies in a more effective and dynamic way. Ultimately, this can facilitate the transformation into so-called ”smart devices” where different wireless units can communicate with each other. His company has received global attention and collaborated with both Hollywood productions and the music and arts festival Coachella.

At TEDxGöteborg, Niclas wants us to get to know his best friends – frequencies – and how we can use them in the best way possible. Because the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies we use for wireless communication is limited and can in fact run out, our ability to simultaneously connect units is also limited. In his talk, Niclas will give attention to the possibilities frequencies offer for the future, especially when utilizing his buddies in a better way. A larger number of units could then communicate and be more easily connected at the same time, whether it be wireless lighting, lampposts, refrigerators, ventilation systems – or perhaps a couple of thousand cell phones at a big concert.

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CRMX Nova TX USB - DMX Transmitter

Martin Professional and ChamSys add support for the CRMX Nova USB dongle

LumenRadio, leading manufacturer of reliable wireless technologies for the entertainment industries, is pleased to announce that Martin Professional and ChamSys Ltd. have chosen to add support in their respective control software for the CRMX Nova USB TX dongle to give their users easy access to reliable wireless DMX control directly from the console.

“We have added support in M-PC for the USB dongle transmitter from LumenRadio. We think it is a great way for our users to get access to reliable wireless technology without the need for using cables to connect a transmitter to the controller. M-PC will offer one full universe of DMX for free using the LumenRadio transmitter.” says Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager at Martin Professional. Hinrichs continues; “We are also planning to add support for the Nova USB TX driver to our range of M-Series consoles in the near future.”

British console manufacturer ChamSys also decided to add support for the CRMX Nova USB TX dongle throughout their complete MagicQ product line. Chris Kennedy, Software Director at ChamSys Ltd. explains: “We got requests from our customers to add support for the LumenRadio dongle, so we now offer plug and play support in both our MagicQ PC software and in our MagicQ consoles. With our MagicQ software, for PC and Mac, the users can output a full universe wirelessly for free.”

With the launch of the CRMX Nova TX USB, LumenRadio has made it easier than ever for controller manufacturers to be part of the ongoing wireless revolution in the entertainment industry. Almost all consoles today come with a USB port, meaning no expensive hardware changes are necessary to leverage the thousands of products with built-in LumenRadio receivers already available on the market. Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio, explains: “We have always wanted to make our technology available to everyone. By using a standard USB connector and open protocols, wireless DMX directly in your PC or console is just a software update away”.

“We are very happy that Martin Professional and ChamSys are the first to officially support for our USB TX in their consoles and PC software. Being able to plug your transmitter directly into your computer opens up a whole new set of applications.” says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio.

Read more about Martin M-PC:

Read more about ChamSys:




LumenRadio Provides Flexible Wireless DMX Solution for Stora Teatern

Gothenburg’s renaissance style Stora Teatern was originally built in 1859 and is one of the most popular historical buildings in the bustling Swedish port city. It now presents a lively mix of concerts, theatre and dance shows and is also a must-go weekend destination during the summer season as ‘Backstage’ a popular club / DJ performance experience in the region.

Due to its truly multi-purpose entertainment programme and many different configurations depending on the event, the show lighting rigs are constantly changing.

Saving time and hassle, head of lighting Joel Karlberg has installed a LumenRadio wireless DMX system which enables data signals between the lights and the control desk to be re-routed quickly and easily.

Joel co-ordinates all the lighting technical elements and has found the wireless DMX system to be a flexible and practical solution for addressing and re-addressing around 30 moving lights in the rig which are used constantly – but in different locations and set ups – for all the shows and events.

When the Backstage club is running, the main dancefloor and bar occupies what is normally the stage area and the space expands through the backstage and stage wings and outside right into the back of the venue with a large outdoor area … enabling a capacity of 1200 party people to be accommodated.

The lighting rig for the club is completely different from that of a visiting dance or drama show using the stage, so lights are re-rigged in different places, but with the LumenRadio system in place, Joel doesn’t have to worry about running data cables to any of them or linking back to the lighting desk he does it all wirelessly.

The main club session lights this season comprised 10 x Robe Pointes, 12 x Robe LEDWash 800s, four Clay Paky Mythos and four Vari*Lite VL1100s plus strobes – running via wireless DMX, plus an additional 30 x static LED bars and washes.

Using the inbuilt wireless cards on the Robe LEDWash 800s units, it’s possible to feed the whole rig with wireless data signals.

They have one permanent LumenRadio double transmitter (permanently installed in the roof), two receivers, one flexible unit (that can be configured as a transmitter or receiver) and one more transmitter, and the lights can be linked through these without having to mess around with running a whole chain of data cables … saving valuable time in set up.

A standard stage lighting rig – when the venue is receiving theatre productions – will utilize three LX pipes which are usually rigged with the 12 x LEDWash 800s, 10 x Martin Quantum Profiles and four Robe DL4S LED Profiles together with 8 x Vari*Lite VL1100s and an additional 50 x conventional fixtures.

Additional lighting fixtures or devices like smoke machines can be seamlessly linked to the lighting control console using the wireless system.

For concerts and performance style shows, the DL4S’s and LEDWash 800s can be taken down and moved to other active LX bars or the floor position – wherever they are best placed to light for the show being staged – and easily patched back into the system without running data lines.

To keep things fresh, as well as presenting music concerts in a standard set up with the band onstage, Stora Teatern also has bands playing in front of the stage – standing on a covered orchestra pit – with the audience onstage rather than sitting in the stalls! So the set up is changing constantly.

Before committing, he consulted several other LumenRadio users including the Riksteatern performing arts centre that also has a wireless DMX solution. They said it was solid and very stable, so Joel went ahead and specified the brand for Stora Teatern.

“We honestly save so much extra work” says Joel, concluding that in addition to that, the service and support from LumenRadio is “excellent”.

Read more about Stora Teatern here:


Telenor Connexion's logo

Telenor Connexion and LumenRadio in partnership

LumenRadio is happy to announce a partnership with Telenor Connexion, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, fully owned by Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. The goal for Telenor Connexion’s partner program is to find the right solution for their customers and assist them in realizing business value through IoT.

“Together with our partners and our joint efforts we can support our customers’ business growth, help generate new opportunities and increase profitability”, says Jesper Lagerstedt, Partner Manager at Telenor Connexion.

Lagerstedt continues: “LumenRadio has a truly competitive solution for short range meshed networks and together with our cellular technology we can deliver the full solution needed for IoT connectivity. LumenRadio’s patented technology offers unprecedented reliability and opens up to new possibilities for our customers.”

LumenRadio is a global partner in wireless connectivity. They have been leading the wireless transformation within the lighting industry by consistently being the first to introduce new groundbreaking technologies. And today their patented Cognitive Coexistence technologies can be applied across a world of applications from building automation, energy monitoring, sensing, public services and numerous other fields.

The M2M and IoT industry is predicted to have a continued strong growth in the coming years. The international player Telenor Connexion has a leading position in the Nordics and operates and supports their customers on a global scale. Through the partnership with Telenor Connexion, LumenRadio has gained access to this market and together they can expand their business beyond the existing market for the telecommunications industry.

“This partnership is essential for us. With our ultra reliable connectivity for sensors and actuators combined with Telenor Connexion’s extensive cellular network and cloud services we have the technology and knowhow to enable both our existing and new customers future IoT offerings“, says Niclas Norlén, Founder and CTO at LumenRadio.

Norlén continues: “We see that we within a few years will have a strong increase in sales and in 3-4 years, we expect that this partnership will generate business for several tens of million SEK. The partnership with Telenor Connexion is strategically very important for us on our path towards reaching our goals”.

For further information, please contact:

Niclas Norlén, CTO LumenRadio AB, +46 766 278 728,

Jesper Lagerstedt, Partner Manager Telenor Connexion, +46 733 81 073,

Cineo Lighting HS2

Cineo Lighting and LumenRadio announce wireless partnership

LumenRadio, world leader in wireless technologies for the entertainment industries, are proud to announce an OEM partnership with California based Cineo Lighting, a leader in the production of lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries.

Cineo Lighting has been pushing the boundaries of illumination technology since the company started in 2012. The revolutionary HS product line with TruColor® Remote Phosphor Technology has made gaffers, cinematographers and lighting designers used to unrivaled brightness, extremely accurate color quality, power efficiency and flexibility. With the addition of integrated LumenRadio CRMX OEM RDM modules to the HSX and HS2 Wave products, these users are now able to control and configure their fixtures wirelessly.

The HS product line is highly configurable over RDM, and LumenRadio’s trustworthy RDM implementation means the Cineo Lighting fixtures can now be patched, monitored and configured from a distance. On a film set where every minute is crucial, saving time during setup can be a huge cost saver.

“The choice of wireless provider was obvious to us. Our two companies have a common philosophy in always being innovative and on the forefront of what is possible. We are very proud over this partnership and extremely excited of what it will bring to our users,” says Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting.

The HS2 Wave and HSX are the first Cineo Lighting products to utilize LumenRadio’s award winning technology, but not the last. Chuck Edwards, CTO of Cineo Lighting continues: “We’re very excited about bringing LumenRadio technology into both new and existing products in the near future”.

“Cineo Lighting is a great company to be working with and we are very happy to have them onboard as a partner. They are much like ourselves – innovative to the core and always looking to provide the user with a better product and service. We are very excited about this partnership and what it will bring for the future,” says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio.

Cineo Lighting will be showing their whole product line at IBC 2016 (Stand 12.D39).