CRMX Nova USB TX is making Hollywood truly wireless

LumenRadio’s technology enables complete wirelessness in the Film & Broadcasting industry – unparalleled flexibility, combined with uncompromised reliability, is the new normal.

 The last couple of years LumenRadio has announced partnerships with several of the biggest players within lighting systems for the motion picture, television and photography industries such as Cineo, Kino Flo, LiteGear, DMG Lumière and Innovative Dimmers – with several other major brands in the pipeline.

Products equipped with wireless DMX control using LumenRadio’s industry-leading CRMX technology give gaffers and lighting artists rigging solutions they have never even dreamed of before – they choose wireless today because of the ease-of-use, reliability and increased flexibility. Combined with much improved battery technology, these professionals now have the possibility of complete wirelessness – simplifying their work on set and simultaneously cutting production times and costs.

With LumenRadio’s CRMX Nova USB TX wireless DMX is more accessible than ever – just plug the device into a Windows-tablet running your choice of lighting control software, and you have a complete wireless light controller right at your fingertips. Add battery-powered fixtures from any of the many manufacturers that integrate CRMX (or use plug-in receivers from e.g. Innovative Dimmers in non-wireless fixtures) to even eliminate the need for power cables – making your set truly wireless.

The CRMX Nova TX USB’s small size and easy-to-use USB interface makes it suitable for the Film & Broadcasting industry, as well as small-to-medium sized temporary shows.

“The Film & Broadcasting industries present a unique challenge and opportunity for us – a requirement for ultra-reliable wireless communication in a challenging radio environment and a very clear incentive for going wireless. They will push us to deliver fully on our promise of Wireless Without Worries, while we will help them to develop the next generation of set lighting – fully embracing the concept of complete wirelessness” says Peter Lindkvist, Sales Director at LumenRadio.

Experience how wireless technology can make your set truly wireless at our booth C76 in hall 3.0 at Prolight + Sound 2017.



TEDx Göteborg

Have you ever been to a big concert, tempted to post a picture online or perhaps call a friend, only to end up experiencing the lack of connectivity on your cell phone? Communication between wireless electronics is dependent on frequencies – a finite natural resource – and thus something we cannot take for granted. Our co-founder Niclas Norlén is a restless and energetic person who describes himself as a frequency nerd dedicated to making things work. In an era where an increasingly large amount of home electronics and physical devices are becoming wireless, a.k.a. ”The Internet of things” within the tech world, Niclas is eager to improve our society by using frequencies in a more efficient manner. In addition, there are both economical and environmental incentives in this: creating a world where resources can be utilized more effectively by enabling better communication between devices – and thereby reducing energy consumption.

Upon completing his engineering degree, Niclas began working at Ericsson and in 2002 he started his first company. Frequencies and communication are what he knows best and have been a recurring theme in his work. In 2008, he started LumenRadio and developed a method for enabling different electronic devices to coexist smoothly, using frequencies in a more effective and dynamic way. Ultimately, this can facilitate the transformation into so-called ”smart devices” where different wireless units can communicate with each other. His company has received global attention and collaborated with both Hollywood productions and the music and arts festival Coachella.

At TEDxGöteborg, Niclas wants us to get to know his best friends – frequencies – and how we can use them in the best way possible. Because the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies we use for wireless communication is limited and can in fact run out, our ability to simultaneously connect units is also limited. In his talk, Niclas will give attention to the possibilities frequencies offer for the future, especially when utilizing his buddies in a better way. A larger number of units could then communicate and be more easily connected at the same time, whether it be wireless lighting, lampposts, refrigerators, ventilation systems – or perhaps a couple of thousand cell phones at a big concert.

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One of the top three startups in Gothenburg!

Breakit – Sweden’s best news site about Tech companies and startups talks about LumenRadio in their latest podcast. Breakit see us as one of Gothenburg’s three hottest and most interesting Startups right now.

Last weekend we were sponsors of the Gothenburg Startup Hack were the podcast was recorded and Michael Karlsson R&D Manager at LumenRadio comments:

”We are really happy to have been part of this amazing event. Great to see all enthusiastic entrepreneurs competing with their startups. We’ve been in that situation ourself and hope that we can bring energy to everyone to see that you can succeed. ”

Read more and listen to Breakout’s podcast here (in Swedish):

And did you know that we are hiring? Come join our team and be apart of changing the world.

Winners used LumenRadio products

Last week the Nordic IoT Hackaton took place in Malmö and we are happy to announce that the winners of this years Intelligent Buildings track used parts of our Better World kit in their solution.

The team called Invisual created a solution that, based on the data from people presence sensors, can highlight windows that are most suitable for a rescue team to enter the building. In case of people trapped inside the building an internal light system could be used for routing of rescuers. The system can show the firefighters whether there are people left in their building, where they can be found, and how to access the building.

Se the video that a video summarizes the Nordic IoT Hackaton here:

LumenRadios products in a BREEAM Outstanding building

The first Swedish building to achieve BREEAM Outstanding is Torsplan 2. In this building Swegon launches their unique IoT (Internet of Things) enabled climate control system for HVAC with LumenRadio’s reliable wireless connectivity. BREEAM is a globally leading certification system that is considered the most demanding system for the environmental assessment of properties. Read More

Swegons technology in a conference room

Swegon launches a unique IoT (Internet of Things) enabled climate control system for HVAC with LumenRadio’s reliable wireless connectivity.

Swegon, the market leading producer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems has together with LumenRadio produced a revolutionary wireless climate control system which is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. The new system, New WISE, gives Swegon and real estate owners great savings on installations and at the same time allowing them to reach the next level of Energy Efficiency.

Latour Industries’ investment in LumenRadio enables the next growth journey in IoT

Latour Industries AB has signed an agreement to acquire 24.7 percent of the shares in LumenRadio AB through a directed share issue and acquisition of existing shares. Other large shareholders in the company are Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund and Almi Invest.

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LumenRadio is today making CRMX SuperNova available for public download on the product site SuperNova is an RDM controller and management tool that is free to use with LumenRadio’s CRMX Nova RDM products. SuperNova allows the user to visualise the entire lighting network, receive instant feedback from and communicate with RDM enabled devices, and easily set up and change anything from DMX addresses to transmitter frequencies. Click here for more information on all the functionality in CRMX SuperNova. The public release of CRMX SuperNova is done after thorough testing both internally and externally. To make sure both CRMX Nova RDM units and CRMX SuperNova were stable enough for use by professionals, the products were tested by an external lab to ensure full RDM compatibility and function. After a clean test report, the products are now openly available to order and download. The independent test report will be made available in the near future.